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產品類別 \ Product Category

聯系我們 \ News

電 話:0755--85232926
傳 真:0755--28956894
郵 箱:szpengrui@163.com
地 址:深圳市龍崗區坪地街道中心社區順風路57-1號C棟A101


  公司簡介 / Company Profile


Shenzhen Pengrui Precision Tools Industrial Co.,Ltd, referred to as Pengrui Precision Tools, is a company specialized in production of various hard alloy (tungsten steel) cutters. Since its foundation in 2005, scratching from handmade to the possession of several world advanced CNC grinding machines today, the company always dedicates to R&D and promotion of world level precision cutter. It gets hold of mature and complete standardized procedure for precision cutter manufacture, to guarantee the supply of high performance and price ratio product with stable quality, reliable performance and low price, which makes it customer’s best solution to lower cost and improve efficiency. 
Pengrui Precision Tools positions its cutter for the high end market, to replace usage of imported ones. By applying imported production and testing facilities from Europe and imported ultra-micro hard alloy (tungsten steel) cutter body, its products possesses international quality and supreme performance and price ratio. All cutters have the edge of super wear resisting, little odds of break, stable quality and high precision. Our products can be used for precisely process of various metal, plastic, acrylic, resin, density board, composite board and so on. And they are widely applied in different fields as mold, industrial manufacture, electrics, and communication and so on. 
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